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Nov 17

If you know what's good for you, you'll go see Seminar with Alan Rickman and the rest of that amazing cast on Broadway right now. I can't say enough good things about it, in fact, my write up just feels increibly sub-par because it was such a darn good play. Click here to see the review.

Nov 11
NEW REVIEW: The Gay Marriage Plays

Just saw The Gay Marriage Plays. I loved it! It's been a while since I liked an off-Broadway play I've seen, whew! I was afraid they were losing their touch. Read it here.

Jul 25

Saw Zarkana, part of Cirque du Soleil last week. Wow, that was...boring, at best. CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT IT.

May 07

New musicals and I are not having a good relationship this year. Not that this one is *new*, but it's new to me, new to New York's main stage area and it's just plain awful...I can't think of a word bad enough for it. I would rather sit through People in the Picture and American Idiot twice more each before seeing Lucky Guy again.

Apr 28
NEW REVIEW: People in the Picture

I mean...I just have no idea how this is on Broadway. CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

Feb 24
New Review: Grusome Playground Injuries

2nd Stage's Grusome Playground Injuries. Fantastic play, great actors. CLICK HERE TO READ.

Jan 07
New Interview: Emma Hunton from Next to Normal

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Emma Hunton when Next to Normal was kicking off the tour in LA. We chatted for a while and I wrote up the article/interview, but Broadwayspace.com wanted it cut down, see the full thing here! CLICK HERE TO READ.


Actually, even that has missing quotes, I should post the transcript...

Aug 19
NEW REVIEW: Two Gentlemen of Verona (Off-Broadway)

I'm always pleasantly surprised and pleased when I see great productions of Shakespeare. I'm so picky about them! The Judith Shakespeare Company's production of Two Gentlemen of Verona was wonderful to see. CLICK HERE for my review.

Aug 18
NEW REVIEW: Bunked! The Musical

I'm up to my fourth Fringe show of the season. Plenty more coming this week. Check out my review of Bunked! CLICK HERE. Please note...I don't really want to talk about production value on any Fringe shows. We know they're low budget. Let's focus on the show!

Aug 15
NEW REVIEW: Getting Even With Shakespeare

My first show of the 2010 Fringe Festival (also known as FringeNYC) was Getting Even With Shakespeare. You all know I LOVE Shakespeare. I don't really want to get even with him, because I think he's great. Yet, I loved this show. That's the short of it. I hope to see it again. Either way, CLICK HERE to read the review. Sorry if it just sounds like a proud mama gushing...it's so good!

Aug 07
NEW REVIEW: Romeo and Juliet

I had the privilage of visitng Riverside Park this evening with my friend Lauren. She's been telling me to catch a performance of any classical play put on by Hudson Warehouse for the past three years. I finally made it up there to see one of my two favorite Shakespeare plays, Romeo and Juliet. Click here to read the review.

Jun 13
NEW REVIEW: The Addams Family

Tonys are tonight. Last night I saw The Addams Family. One thing: no wonder they were snubbed at the Tony Nominations. READ THE REVIEW HERE.